Display Projects „partial NRE“

projects „partial NRE“

Project procedure products based on adaptable designs partial NRE

specify targets, alternatives, limitations and IP protection
checking alternatives, identify risks, eliminate risks
develop and verify next product level
planning and scheduling next phases
  1. [RESEARCH] risk analysis
  2. [RESEARCH] engineering sample
  3. [DEVELOPMENT] simulation
  4. [DEVELOPMENT] software requirements
  5. [DEVELOPMENT] hardware / mechanical requirements
  6. PLANNING] R&D coordination and planning
  7. [STRATEGY] who, when, what, why, how much
  8. [RESEARCH] risk analysis
  9. [RESEARCH] prototype
  10. [DEVELOPMENT] mock-up
  11. [DEVELOPMENT] software product design
  12. [DEVELOPMENT] hardware / mechanical product design
  13. [DEVELOPMENT] design verification and confirmation
  14. PLANNING] operational coordination and planning
  15. [STRATEGY] who, when, what, why, how much
  16. [RESEARCH] risk analysis
  17. [RESEARCH] final sample (i.e based on final tools)
  18. [DEVELOPMENT] measurements
  19. [DEVELOPMENT] detail-modifications
  20. [DEVELOPMENT] starting pre-series
  21. [DEVELOPMENT] customer tests
  22. [DEVELOPMENT] approval tests
  23. [DEVELOPMENT] formal releasing
  24. [DEVELOPMENT] production start

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