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i-sft enter cooperation agreement with Lumineq Displays

Klaus Wammes, CEO i-sft
Klaus Wammes, CEO i-sft i-sft

Gundersheim (Germany), April 16, 2014. Prior to SID Display Week 2014 in San Diego, California, USA from June 1 to 6, Germany-based company i-sft, a leader in flat panel technologies for demanding applications, have entered a significant cooperation agreement with Lumineq Displays, a business unit of the Finland-based Beneq group. Both companies specialize in developing and manufacturing robust and reliable displays which are habitually used in extreme environments, often being the only type of display that can cope with the conditions. The aim of the cooperation is to offer industrial customers from fields such as mining, marine and offshore, public safety, medical device, and avionics even more possibilities for creating tailor-made display solutions. Both i-sft and Lumineq have been catering to the needs of these industries before. By combining their complementary technologies, development, and production facilities, the two companies are broadening the portfolio of possible solutions they bring to the global market in these industries and others with challenging display needs.


The inventor and sole manufacturer of display solutions based on energy-efficient excitation (e³) plasma light technology, i-sft specialize in developing high-brightness long-life displays for extreme environmental conditions and temperature ranges. Lumineq Displays is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Lumineq also manufactures and develops transparent electroluminescent thin film displays (TASEL).


“Both i-sft and Lumineq create displays for industrial markets with demands way beyond the mass market for displays and monitors. Joining the experience and technology platforms of our two companies enables us to provide a one-stop shop for an even wider range of special display needs. We also combine i-sft’s long track record of developing highly individualized, small-batch display solutions with Lumineq’s large-scale production capacities. The result is a great degree of flexibility in terms of order size, so we can meet virtually any kind of demand for customized industrial displays,” says Mr Klaus Wammes, CEO of i-sft.


“The main goal of this cooperation is to create more display offerings by combining the technologies of our two companies. We both bring long experience to the table and aim to tailor make innovative solutions for our customers who seek the very best displays. We look forward to the results from our joint collaboration and what exciting new products this will bring to the market,” says Mr Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki, Beneq Vice President and head of Lumineq Displays.


About i-sft:

i-sft GmbH is a leading “global player” for tailor-made display solutions in the capital goods sector and offers  highly specialized technologiy services in this area, such as trouble-shooting, failure analysis, consulting,  and display-specific measurements. Started in 1993 as a research department within the Siemens group, i-sft was established as an independent company within the Wammes Group in 2003. The company, based in Gundersheim/Germany, develops and manufactures customer-specific display solutions that are used in the most demanding applications of international customers. On the interactive website, interested parties can configure their individual displays and request quotations.


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