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Display specialist i-sft is satisfied with results of Embedded World

Klaus Wammes
Klaus Wammes

Gundersheim, 2 March 2015. Embedded World 2015 has yielded far more projects for i-sft than expected. At the trade fair, the German company presented its offering concerning the thermal optimization of displays. With this service, which minimizes the danger of heat-related damage in displays, i-sft addresses industrial distributors, value added resellers, system integrators, and other B2B distribution channels in the embedded industry. Based on discussions at Embedded World, i-sft is planning similar services concerning dew formation in display units, as well as the right combination of components. In these fields, display integrators keep encountering similar problems.


From the viewpoint of i-sft, Embedded World has shown that demand for in-depth technology coaching and for solving design problems is increasing even in large technology companies. The development of the embedded market leads to customers buying many different components from one single vendor, expecting a smooth interaction. In cases where problems with the integration of components occur, it is useful for a distributor or system integrator to have an extended technology workbench that they can call upon for solving specific problems. It is precisely this service i-sft offers for the realm of displays.


As a company with more than 20 years’ experience in providing services related to displays and technologies, i-sft not only knows, from its own analysis, the errors caused by excessive thermal load. The company has a similar wealth of know-how concerning dew formation and moisture-related problems with corrosion etc.


Demand for advice regarding the combination of different components keeps increasing, due not only to the rising number of touch displays. As the complexity of display units grows, so does their error-proneness, as for example not all touch technologies work in combination with all displays in all applications.


Due to the combination of giving advice, solving problems, and optimizing products, i-sft summarize their work with the motto ‘coaching – solving – products.’ The i-sft video channels provide details on the services that are summed up by the terms ‘coaching’ (, ‘solving’ (, and ‘products’ (, respectively.


“Embedded World has confirmed in a very impressive manner that there is great demand for the new display optimization service we offer. Owing to the increasing degree of system integration, the embedded market cannot simply be served with consumer-grade products. Instead, it requires more adaptation. In this context, vendors are faced with the choice ‚by design or by disaster:‘ Should I wait until something breaks – and fix it after the fact? Or should I set out by choosing my components in such a way that they can fulfil the task at hand in the long term? The conversations we have had at Embedded World have clearly shown that vendors tend to choose systems in such a way that repair – which always entails a complaint on the part of a customer – does not become necessary anymore in the first place,” explains Klaus Wammes, CEO of i-sft GmbH.


About i-sft:

i-sft GmbH is a leading “global player” for tailor-made display solutions in the capital goods sector and offers  highly specialized technology services in this area, such as trouble-shooting, failure analysis, consulting,  and display-specific measurements. Started in 1993 as a research department within the Siemens group, i-sft was established as an independent company within the Wammes Group in 2003. The company, based in Gundersheim/Germany, develops and manufactures customer-specific display solutions that are used in the most demanding applications of international customers. On the interactive website, interested parties can configure their individual displays and request quotations.


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