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i-sft develops testing method for holograms with Bayer

Gundersheim, 12 February 2015. Based on cooperation with Bayer MaterialScience AG, the German company i-sft has developed a novel measurement method of photopolymer-based hologram materials. Both technology aspects will be presented at the Nuremberg trade fair (NCC Ost) at the Electronic Displays Conference on 25 February 2015 at 2 p.m. Dr Rainer Hagen from Bayer MaterialScience will present the properties of photopolymer film Bayfol® HX, which enables volumetric high resolution holography for mass production. With the new method developed by i-sft, which will be presented by Tomasz Tarnowski, holographic images reproduced by such films can be analysed simultaneously in a qualitative and quantitative manner. With the new method by i-sft, it is possible, for example, to create an automated in-line set-up for testing printed holograms with reproducible tolerances. This enables i-sft to support the commercial use of the holographic material developed by Bayer.


The photopolymer film by Bayer enables, among other things, colour reproduction of 3D images and accurate method of light control. As a result, Bayfol® HX is suitable for new technologies such as autostereoscopic 3D displays or energy efficient light solutions. Thus, the customised film rolls can be configured to a width of up to 1600 millimetres. The material is marketed as a part of development projects for which Bayer MaterialScience offers the whole process including photopolymer manufacturing, laser recording, and film handling.


The new measurement method, proposed by I-sft, allows several quantitative characteristics of holograms to be tested at the same time even during the manufacturing stage of the Bayfol® HX. These characteristics include light distribution, colour reproduction, colour dispersion, and colour shift, taking into account the relevant dihedral angles and any possible section plane of the virtual image. In addition to this, optical properties such as colour mixing and crosstalk in the so-called eyebox, that is, the place where the eyes of a hologram viewer are supposed to be, can be analysed and verified. This offers insights into the quality of the image from the user’s point of view and helps to optimise the production process of the holograms.


With the technological process to be presented by Bayer MaterialScience and i-sft in Nuremberg, the partners offer their customers an entry into the growing market for holographic optical solutions, also applicable to 3-D displays and a virtually endless range of other technical applications. For this field, a study by research institute MarketsandMarkets predicts a compound annual growth rate of 30.23 per cent for the years 2014 to 2020. In this case, the global market volume would reach 3.57 billion dollars in 2020.


Electronic Displays Conference, Nuremberg trade fair (NCC Ost), 25 February 2015


Tomasz Tarnowski, i-sft
Tomasz Tarnowski, i-sft

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