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i-sft offers repair service for digital signage displays

Gundersheim (Germany), January 27, 2015. German-based company i-sft is now offering a new repair service for digital signage and POS/POI systems (point of
sale/point of information). The service is aimed at manufacturers, systems integrators, and distributors supplying large quantities of electronic advertising and information screens, such as for airports or train stations. This new repair service for damaged display units that i-sft now offers to digital signage companies is based on the company’s more than two decades of experience in the development and realisation of flat-panel display technologies for challenging applications in the fields of industry and transportation. In this business model, the external contractor i-sft serves as an extended work bench of the manufacturers, systems integrators, and distributors.

In digital signage, continuous operation is the rule, and in most cases installations consist of a large number of individual display units. As each of the units installed in a confined space needs to be supplied with electrical power, a high thermal load is created near the screens. This leads to a high risk of thermal damage to the temperature-sensitive displays. At the company’s headquarters in Gundersheim in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, i-sft repairs damaged units, which afterwards can be re-installed in the field. In the case of large installations, often comprising several hundred units, this is an economically attractive alternative to buying new devices.

When installations fail in the field, systems integrators and distributors are often obliged to provide repairs or replacements due to warranty issues. In such cases, i-sft, as a manufacturer-independent extended work bench, can provide support based on deep technological know-how. For digital signage companies, this opens up the opportunity of fulfilling their guarantees in a way that is more economical than a complete replacement of the damaged components.

This service now offered to the digital signage industry puts the new motto of i-sft into practice: ‘Coaching – Solving – Products.’ Digital signage operators get access to various services: from counselling regarding possible weak spots of an installation (‘coaching’) to ‘solving’ distinct problems and the development of new ‘products’ based on the customer’s specifications.


About i-sft:

i-sft GmbH is a leading “global player” for tailor-made display solutions in the capital goods sector and offers  highly specialized technologiy services in this area, such as trouble-shooting, failure analysis, consulting,  and display-specific measurements. Started in 1993 as a research department within the Siemens group, i-sft was established as an independent company within the Wammes Group in 2003. The company, based in Gundersheim/Germany, develops and manufactures customer-specific display solutions that are used in the most demanding applications of international customers. On the interactive website, interested parties can configure their individual displays and request quotations.


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