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Wammes & Partner strengthens the high tech location Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Gundersheim, June 24th, 2015. The technology company Wammes & Partner aims to create a technology park in Gundersheim near Worms for high tech companies in the field of applied physics. The company is settled there itself along with subsidiaries on a 20,000 square meter site with approximately 4,000 square meters of offices as well as functional and clean rooms. Now Wammes offers other companies units up to 1,000 square meters for rent. The aim is to locate companies at the same site to realize synergistic effects and joint projects. The site has direct access to the motorway A61 with a 40 minutes drive to Frankfurt Airport. Due to its central location within Germany, Gundersheim is also suited as a German office for internationally operating companies. A combination that makes it possible to be directly productive and optimizing costs at the same time - an advantage for start-ups and already established specialists.


Wammes & Partner offers vendor independent fault analysis to its customers along with technological consultancy and design optimization in electronic flat panel displays such as LCDs and their accessory devices such as touch systems, (back-)lighting, functional layers as well as photometric measurement and qualification services. The company is therefore seeking tenants for the planned technology park who deal with related high tech issues. The imaginable spectrum ranges from basic research on physical software development to verification activities and technical marketing.


"We know from our own experience that the major office buildings are often not suitable for technology companies. In our building we have realized the higher demands that the accommodation of clean rooms and laboratories makes on the architecture. Ideally, our tenants will not only benefit from the good infrastructure – including good logistical connectivity and even a hydraulic ramp for large samples up to 3,000 kilos. They will also profit by a mutual fertilization between the local partners. Be it because a tenant needs the services that are already supplied at the site, or because several neighbors can work together on a joint project for the same customer", explains Klaus Wammes, CEO of Wammes & Partner GmbH.



About Klaus Wammes and the Wammes & Partner GmbH.:

Klaus Wammes was born in Mannheim in 1960. He founded his first company while he was a student of electrical engineering in Karlsruhe. In addition to various strategic partnerships with, among others, IBM, Siemens, Osram or Philips, Klaus Wammes built an international group of companies. Today several companies are united under the umbrella of Wammes & Partner GmbH., located in Gundersheim in the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. They share the research and production in the field of optoelectronics, with emphasis in the areas of lighting technology, light machinery and light distribution. The company is represented in Germany, Great Britain, USA, Taiwan, Korea, China and Australia. Its products include among others flat screens for the toughest requirements as well as customized lighting solutions based on the patented e³ technology.


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