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In the land of the rising light

Flyer CCD micro spectrometer MR-16 L (c) Wammes & Partner GmbH
Flyer CCD micro spectrometer MR-16 L (c) Wammes & Partner GmbH

In the land of the rising light

Fair appearance of Wammes & Partner at the Taiwanese pavilion at the Light & Building shows demand for CCD micro spectrometer MR 16 L increased significantly in Asia


Know-how-station Gundersheim, March 14th 2016. After the new micro spectrometer MR16 L, made by Wammes & Partner GmbH from Germany, was enhanced by additional functions, it is now conquering the Asian market. As a result it is one of the main attractions at the optoelectronic part of the Taiwanese pavilion at the Light & Building, where the company will be represented by its daughter Global LightZ. The calibratable, portable CCD micro spectrometer with battery, memory and touch display is now capable to measure also the luminance. The technology company Wammes & Partner reacts with this adaptation to numerous customer requests.


Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the device has a size of only 148 x 96 x 35 millimeters and a weight of 550 grams. Using the included small integrating sphere or, in alternative configurations of the device, an optical fiber SMA905 input, the MR-16 L allows a variety of on-site measuring operations in visible light with wavelengths between 380 and 780 nanometers. Until now, all these measurements were very time-consuming and confined to dedicated laboratories. MR-16 L measures at a resolution of 4.2 to 5 nanometers FWHM, with an integration time of 1 millisecond to 24 seconds, an SNR value below 0.3 per cent and a spectral distortion of 0.12 per cent.


The additional features of the instrument now allow additional measurements. The new version is therefore able to measure luminance and homogeneity. Thereby the device measures the luminance in cd / m2 (candela per square meter) or Nit. Klaus Wammes, Managing Director at Wammes & Partner: "We are very pleased that our new micro spectrometers are met with such an approval. Still the instruments have not yet peaked their maximum yet. We intend to make it even better by additional functions. For example, we are currently working at our tech hub in Gundersheim on upgrading the micro spectrometer to a portable measuring instrument for optical bonds. The aim is to use the MR-16 to analyze mobile a majority of the measurable."


Those interested can visit Wammes & Partner represented by its daughter Global LightZ on March 13th to 18th at the Light & Building at the Taiwanese pavilion in hall 10.1. The micro spectrometer is presented there.



About Klaus Wammes and the Wammes & Partner GmbH:

Klaus Wammes was born in 1960 in Mannheim. He founded his first company while beeing a student of electrical engineering in Karlsruhe. In addition to various strategic partnerships with IBM, Siemens, Osram, Philips and others Klaus Wammes built an international group of companies. Several companies are united under the umbrella of Wammes & Partner GmbH, located in Gundersheim in Rhineland-Palatinate. There is also a branch in Breitungen. Together they share the research and production in the field of optoelectronics, with emphasis in the areas of electronic flat panel displays as well as light generation and distribution. The company is represented in Germany, Great Britain, USA, Taiwan, Korea, China and Australia. Its products include among other things robust and brilliant flat screens for special requests, custom light sources and lighting charges based on the patented e³ technology.