Feasibility studies

If you got an idea and you do not exactly know whether it will work out or not, then we can help you to find out.

For all ideas to be verified in the areas of

  • electronic displays (small or large size)
  • driving and controlling electronic displays
  • driving and controlling plasma discharges
  • mechanical packaging
  • heat-management (active or passive)
  • optical functionalities (single, dual or multiple views, polarizing effects …)
  • optical simulations and calculations (beam ray-tracing, etc.)
  • backlighting and light-guiding
  • and everything related to the topics above

we will be your professional partner to find out what is possible and how easy can it be manufactured.

To directly start you can download our general NDA agreement, or you send yours - to be on the safe side when we start discussing new and exciting ideas.

For all further questions please contact us at display-solutions@i-sft.com